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Hi, I'm Joy!

Thanks so much for visiting my mini painting website!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy this terrific hobby, and I hope you share some of my enthusiasm!

Take a look around.  Maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

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I started painting miniature figures in Spring of 2008.  A friend of mine started painting them for our Dungeons & Dragons group, and I asked to borrow her paints and have a go.  She very generously obliged, and I liked it so much that I bought my own paints.  The rest, as they say, is history.


I was born and raised an only child on Long Island, NY, U.S.A.  My mom was a high school math teacher and my dad a welder.  I graduated high school valedictorian of a class of 400, and an all-state violinist.  I attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, where I met my husband Dave, and obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science.

I live now with my family in Virginia, and work full time as a software developer at a Naval research lab.  I love my job, and I work with some really fantastic people, who make even the stressful days worthwhile.

My husband, who is the most handsome, wonderful man in the world, is a stay-at-home dad to our two wonderful children, and a police scanning hobbyist. Our children, Rebecca and John, are always full of joyful surprises and manage to keep us on our toes.

Our family cut the cable tv in 2010. We do subscribe to Netflix streaming, but we have no other television service. I love never watching commercials. In fact, the only thing I really miss is live football (Go Redskins!).

I love to read, especially science fiction, Spiritual works by the Saints, historical novels of the lives of the Saints, and classics, like Dickens, or Dostoyevsky.


What is most important to me:

- My Catholic faith in my Lord Jesus Christ  (Christi crux est mea lux!)
- My family

 Personal Website:

The Schoenberger Family


iNTJ - I am an introvert, but not a very strong one. I'm like most people, more an "ambivert", in the middle, blending one or the other, depending on the situation.


Pro-Life Support for Pregnant Women in Crisis
       - Paul Stefan Foundation, Birthright

Help for the Homeless
       - Catholic Charities of Washington, D.C.

Cancer Research and Patient Support
       - Locks of Love (I am a 3-time hair donor!), Relay for Life


Regional Events:  (Judged in person, won a trophy or medal)

2010 Golden Demon Bronze
2011 NCMSS Fantasy Gold
2012 NCMSS Fantasy Gold, Fantasy Best in Show
           APG Fantasy Gold
2013 Nova Open Historical Gold, Fantasy Silver

Online Contests:  (Judged by online voting, won a product prize)

2012 WAMP Reaper Contest 2012
           - 3rd Place (out of 28)
           WAMPED II (2012)
           - 8th place (out of 55) Fantasy Category
2011 Reaper Summer Online Painting Contest 2011
           - 2nd Place (out of 40)



Marike Reimer
Aaron Lovejoy
Stephan Rath
Michael Proctor
Derek Schubert


Andy Pieper (a fantastic artist, and a good friend of mine)
Werner Klocke
Sandra Garrity
Jeff Grace

Miniature Manufacturers

Dark Sword


Dungeons and Dragons

I was introduced to the game in college, and have played D&D most Friday nights since 2002. 

I am the regular DM for my current group, comprised of  coworkers and local gamers.  We have a great time!

Board Games & Other RPGs

My D&D group sometimes plays other RPGs, like Mutants & Masterminds or Paranoia, and we hold the occasional board game night.  I also play board and card games with my family, ranging from classics like Rumikub and Sorry to newer games like Carcassonne and Citadels.

Video and Computer Games

While I enjoy some video and computer games, especially ones I can play with my kids, or can use for excercise on the Wii, I no longer allow myself to play immersive games, because I find them highly addictive. 

I can't tell you how many hours I wasted in my teens and early twenties on Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims, Age of Empires, Civilization, and Morrowind.   I decided years ago that I would not let myself play immersive games anymore, and aside from the occasional foray into T.O.M.E., I have kept that promise to myself. 

Fortunately, I never fell into the trap of subscription-based MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft).  I know a lot of people who enjoy them, but for me, any game that directly ties the value of my money to the number of hours I play provides too handy a justification for addiction.

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