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"He looks truly amazing. Honestly I didn't think minis could look this cool. Thank you Joy for a work of art."
- Buddy Dowling, USA

"He's beautiful.. you did an amazing job!  Thank you so much... I'm pleased as can be!"
- Sebastian Faust, USA

"Fantastic work Joy!   I look forward to having you do more.  Much thanks again you really did a bang up job."
- Mick from Easternfront Studios Miniatures

"I've received the mini and I love it !!!! Thank you so much for your incredible work!"
- Jessica, Switzerland

I am currently not taking commissions. Please check back at a later time. Thank you!


Tabletop Speed-Painted Gaming Figure

Starting at $20 for 28mm

For this option, you must provide the mini and Slotted base.  I will prep and paint the figure with either dungeon floor or dirt/grass basing, and speed-paint your figure (about 2 hours of painting).  Cost includes heavy varnish for frequent handling. I will only take these commissions very occasionally, and only for single figures, not armies or squads.

Tabletop High-End Gaming Figure

Starting at $50 for 28mm

For this option, you may either provide the mini or pay in advance for the figure I will purchase for you. This includes a custom gaming base, about 12-18 hours of painting, and simple conversions if I have the parts for it.  Cost includes heavy varnish for frequent handling.

Display Miniature or Diorama

Starting at $100

For this option, you may either provide the mini(s) or pay in advance for the figure(s) I will purchase for you. The exact cost of a display miniature depends a lot on the size and complexity of the project.  These minis are meant to be handled rarely.  They will receive only a thin layer of protective varnish, in order to not obscure any of the fine details, and should be held only by the base.  They will be painted to the highest quality I can achieve, period.  Expect 30+ hours of painting to go into your display model.


FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S.
Overseas varies, please inquire


Payment Types Accepted
Credit Card (Google Checkout)
Cash (local in person only)
Check or Money Order


What kind of minis Joy will paint

I will only paint miniatures that inspire me, because otherwise painting is a chore, and I don't do as good of a job.  You can get an idea from my gallery of the kinds of minis I like to paint, but your best bet is just to ask me.  It's ok!  I won't bite!

I will only paint single miniatures or dioramas, not armies or squads.

I will not paint figures I've painted before, unless it was prior to 2009, and I will not attempt to duplicate another artist's work.

I will paint most genres of miniatures, but no devils or demons, except perhaps in a diorama where they are being defeated by the good guys.  I'll add a splash of blood to a barbarian's axe, but I don't do very bloody, gory scenes.

And I hate zombies.  Seriously.  I don't watch zombie movies, or play zombie games, and I don't like zombie minis.  Zombies are creepy and gross and I don't understand why they are so popular.  I don't like vampires, either.

But I absolutely love trolls! Trolls can have such a wide variety of style and expression, and there are some really creative troll sculpts out there.  They are loads of fun to paint. and troll minis have inspired some of my best work.

How long will it take?

After I receive the mini you send me (or have sent to me, if you order it online), it will take me approximately 2-4 weeks to finish your high-end tabletop gaming figure.  Display models take much longer, 6-8 weeks at least. Speed-painted models can take just a day or two, but really depend on what else I have going on when I am ready to start.

Your completed mini will be shipped as soon as payment is received.  If you don't pay me, I will keep your figure.


I retain the rights to use photographs of any minis I have painted. Usually this means that I will post them in my gallery or on various hobby sites. You may post pictures of my minis on your personal web page as long as you credit me, and I request that you notify me as well.


Use the form below to ask me about painting for you.  This form is not a contract.  It will just send me an email to get the process started.  (I don't list my email address directly anywhere on my site, in order to thwart spam bots.)



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