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Fredericksburg, VA

Gold, Fantasy Painters

Silver, Historical Painters

I took almost a dozen miniatures with me to the APG Show in Fredericksburg, VA.  And I brought home two medals, a gold and a silver!


The mission of the Artist Preservation Group is to preserve historic landmarks for enjoyment by future generations of Americans.  All proceeds from show entry admission and a miniatures auction are used in support of this cause.

This show wasn't as big as the NCMSS show last year, and didn't have anything for kids to do, which NCMSS also had.  My children were visiting their grandparents this weekend, so it was just as well.




Just like at NCMSS, the tables are raised for easy viewing, by adults, that is.  My kids found the high tables a challenge at NCMSS (Note to self: bring stepstool for the kids if we all go to NCMSS again this year!)

Keith Rocco, Civil War Artist, was at the show, selling his work

This entry won the Westward Expansion special award.

You should have seen this one in person.  It is really fantastic.  My camera flash ruined the subtleties, and I should have gotten shots from more angles.  It was one of my favorites at the show.

Grayscale miniatures present their own challenges!

This was a really neat idea, creating a memorial, in miniature.

This is another that was ruined by my camera flash.  I tried taking photos without it, but there just was not enough light in the room.  I got one or two decent shots that way, but without a tripod, the rest were blurry.

This one is what is called a "flat" because it is just that, a flat metal silhouette that the artist fills in with all the details painted on freehand.  This is far, far beyond my skill. 

This is a raised flat.  It has texture that the artist can work with, but it is not truly three-dimensional.

Here is another true flat, with a nice little painted backdrop behind it.  Very clever!

This was, in my opinion, the best fantasy miniature at the show.  It was placed on the historical table, accidentally, so that may account for it not winning the best Fantasy mini award.  I never did see Matt Fontaine at the show, and someone else picked up his gold medal for him.  I wish I'd gotten a chance to talk to him about his entry.  He is a multiple Golden Demon Gold trophy winner, and I met him at Games Day Baltimore in 2010.

Most of the exhibits used black or dark-colored velvet over leveled boxes or books to display the minis.  I'll need to pick up a yard or so for myself sometime.

My friend Angie Fischer painted these.  She won a Certificate of Merit for General Lee on the far left, and a Bronze medal for Pirate Sophie, on the far right.

This was a very creative entry that my photos just couldn't capture well.

The troll bust on the left won the Best Fantasy award.

Here is my modest display (my historical minis were on another table).  I used some cloth napkins, which don't look as nice as dark velvet, but are better than nothing, I guess!  The entry with the two dwarves in the middle of the photo won Gold.

I love this entry.  When I got home Saturday night, I looked up the artist, Mike Cramer, and found his blog, where he describes how he made it.  The crucifix and centurion are by Andrea Miniatures.  The other figures are nativity figures by Time Machine Minis, which the artist converted for this scene. I'd like to create a scene like this myself someday, but the kits are very expensive.

Painter Doug Cohen led a seminar the Thursday before the show, where the attendees painted the face of this figure, as shown in the face study at the bottom of this photo.  My friend Angie Fischer attended, and wrote up a review of the class here.

There were some displays of historical artifacts at the show also.

Military Chaplain uniform.  The ensign was called back from chaplain duties when his Bishop heard he was blessing cannons with holy water.

And here are Angie (right) and me (left) receiving our awards at the end of the show.