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This was the first hobby gaming convention I ever attended. It was run by Games Workshop, and included the Golden Demon Painting Competition, which draws competitors from around the world.


Winner, Bronze, Warhammer Monster


First Cut, Warhammer Single


I met many great painters at Golden Demon, from all over the U.S., as well as Canada, Russia, France, and Australia.

It was fantastic to just chat with these great artists about technique and style, examine their work up close and in person, and get feedback on my own minis.

I entered two figures in the contest. I hoped my troll would at least make first cut, and I was thrilled when they both did.

When I learned that my River Troll won the Bronze Demon trophy, I nearly jumped out of my shoes!



Games Workshop:

2010 North American Golden Demon Winners


Me (Joy Schoenberger) with Aaron Lovejoy (olliekickflip on Reaper), whose blending tutorial was instrumental in my process of learning how to paint, and who is always willing to give advice and help to other painters. Aaron has won gold trophies from Golden Demon in the past, and is an excellent painter. He was even nicer in person than online, and it was great meeting him.

Here are Zach Lanier and Matt Fontaine, two other great painters I had the pleasure of meeting. They are both former Golden Demon gold trophy winners as well, and were very friendly, too.

Gabriel won the Silver trophy in the Warhammer Monster category. His work was top notch, and I enjoyed chatting with him and his wife, a fellow Reaper fan.  They both are personal friends of Angela Imrie, another excellent painter whose work I've seen online, but who was not able to make it to Baltimore.

You can get a good idea from this photo how horrendously ugly the trophies are.  Since it looks like a demon idol, not something I want in my home, I tossed mine in the trash after the competition.  Yes, folks, you read that right.  I threw away my Bronze Demon.  I didn't really want the trophy, just the bragging rights to say I'd won it.

There are some of the incredible minis that competed in Golden Demon, plus some of the past winners that were on display.  (My photos definitely DO NOT do them justice.)