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50th Annual Washington Show


To qualify for the painting competition, your entry could be anything not previously  entered at NCMSS.  I had planned to take my whole collection with me, but Mother Nature had another idea! 

You see, most of my best minis were on a shelf above my desk at work.  The day before the show, I planned to bring them home with me, but due to flooding from a tropical storm, my workplace was closed, and I couldn't retrieve them.  My orc family diorama was the only one I had at home that was show-worthy, so it's the only one I brought.

Lucky for me, the judges considered it good enough for a gold, so I didn't go home empty-handed!


NCMSS was held in Northern Virginia, and was a great place to chat with local talent.  The show was just a short one-hour drive from my home, and the club meets monthly, but I had never heard of them before a local painter told me about it.   I'm glad I went!

I met several other artists there whom I'd only known from online forums, but I was happy to put faces to the names, and get to know them in person.


As the name implies, the NCMSS is focuses primarily on historical miniatures, but they've broadened their scope in recent years to embrace fantasy and science fiction miniature painters.



The gymnasium was chock-full of vendors selling miniatures, scenic elements, wooden basing blocks, and more.  I snagged a couple of really great deals.  I got a 54mm Andrea Miniatures Rob Roy for $6 (normally $19-20), and a Warhammer Citadel Orion, King in the Woods for just ten bucks (Games Workshop sells that one for $38!).  My son in his cuteness managed to pick up a Star Wars AT-ST for FREE, and was given an extra wooden block base when I purchased two for myself.

Kids 12 and under got into the show for free, and there were two children's Paint and Take sessions.  My two participated in both, and had a terrific time. 

Here's my painting friend Tim and his wife, plus some other shots of artists at the show.  The photo of me was taken by my kids when I let them run around with my camera for a while.  (Hence the short angle).  I wish I'd taken more pictures of the painters, but the timing just never seemed right.

And now for the Exhibitor's Miniatures!  Since this was primarily a historical minis show, I'll give you those first, followed by the sci-fi-fantasy entries.  I took these with a flash, and those of you familiar with the hobby will know that photographs never do a figure justice, and flash photos are the worst, so picture these all in your mind looking much better than they do here.

Fantasy Miniatures