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51st Annual Washington Show


NCMSS 2012 took place at the Annandale campus of Northern VA Community College.  It was an all-day event, although a tornado warning and power outage forced us to wrap up an hour earlier than planned.  I had a great time, and want to offer congratulations to all the show winners, especially my friends Angie, Tim, Mike, and Jim! 


This year the Miniature Exhibit, where all of the competition minis are displayed, was in a larger room than last year, with better lighting and a mirrored back wall.  There was more space to walk around, and since my kids were still not tall enough to see the miniatures, the extra room let them  pull up a chair to stand on.

My kids also very much enjoyed the free children's Paint and Take again.  This year I volunteered to help out at the event.  Kids are fantastic, and I think I had as much fun as they did!


Historical Bronze, Rob Roy MacGregor
Best Movie-Themed Miniature, LOTR Cave Troll
Fantasy Gold, Entire Display
Fantasy Best in Show, Entire Display



Here is a battle scene constructed entirely from flats.

This entry won Advanced Painters Best in Show (that's the category for all non-fantasy entries), and deservedly so!

If you've seen the movie Hugo (our family saw in on Thanksgiving last year), you'll recognize this next entry from the film A Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès. I honestly thought this entry would win the Best Movie-Themed award, but the judges gave that to my Lord of the Rings Cave Troll.

This All-Pirates display won the special award for Best Theme. I think the quality of the work is impressive in its own right!

I wish I'd gotten better photos of this fantastic entry. Jim told us all about how he built the base from an applesauce cup, foamcore, and wood mulch.

Children's Paint & Take

I wish more of my photos of the miniatures came out well, but the rest are unfortunately all very blurry.  Fortunately, there were many other painters taking pictures at the show, so here's a link to a gallery with many more photos of NCMSS 2012.