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I created this little scene for the Reaper Online Summer Painting Contest.  It ended up just one vote short of 3rd place.  

This diorama features:

Reaper figure #02520: Troll Matron
Reaper four-pack #03064: Kobolds (4) - the kobold with a staff

Step 1:

First, prep and prime the figures.  I removed a shrunken head from the back of the troll, and replaced it with a bottle, which I'll paint to look like sunscreen. 

The kobold had a staff that I trimmed down to be the paintbrush handle.  I then sculpted paint brush bristles on the end.  The signboard is sculpted from green stuff.

Step 2:

Three hours of painting the skin of the Troll Matron.  It needs some more blending to smooth out the transitions between colors, but so far, so good.


Step 1 of the custom base:

The terrain is made from play-doh, with sand glued over it.  The fence is made from broken toothpicks and twist-tie wire, and the beach grass is doll hair, painted green

(Click image above to enlarge)
The sign is made from a toothpick (post) and green stuff.

Wooden base:
This wooden base ($1 at my local craft store) will be its permanent home. It's not glued down yet, but hopefully gluing it will solve the curling up on the edges


Step 3:

Spend 1 1/2 hours more (4.5 total) on the troll's skin, smoothing out some of the blends, and working on the lighting, so that she looks lighter and yellower towards the top, and darker and bluer towards the bottom. 

Step 4:

1 1/2 more hours (6 total) bringing up highlights and darkening shadows on the skin, then starting on the hair 


Step 5:

Three hours (9 total), make a few subtle adjustments to the skin, work on the hair, paint the baby troll, base coat the basket and ropes. 

Step 6:

Four hours (13 total), finish the Troll, paint the sand and sign. 

Step 7:

(1 hour, 14 total) Started on the kobold (no photos)

Step 8:

(3 hours, 17 total) Make a few finishing touches on the troll, paint a couple scallop shells I sculpted from green stuff, and attached them to the base. 

Work on the kobold (photo), which still needs a lot of attention. 

Finished Diorama
(3 more hours, 20 total)