The Schoenberger Family
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 All District Band Concert 2017
 Spotsylvania All County Band Concert 2017


 CMS and CHS Combined Band Concert
 Rebecca's Spring 2016 Band Concert
 10-Year-Old Spy (Movie Trailer)


 Rebecca plays the trombone, Dec 2015
 John performs magic tricks at home, Dec 2015
 Rebecca's 6th Grade Middle School Winter Band Concert
 Rebecca playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on the trombone
 Rebecca telling jokes at HRES talent show, Feb 2015


 Rebecca and John, the day after Christmas 2014
 John's 3rd Grade Greek Mythology Project, 2014
 Rebecca and John riding bikes in front of our house, 2014
 Rebecca's Spring 2014 Chorus Concert
 John as the Itsy Bitsy Spider in his 2nd Grade play, 2014
 John doing his 'Puppet Dance' in the kitchen, 2014


 Rebecca's Elementary School Chorus Concert, Dec 2013
 John Tells Jokes at the Talent Show, 2013


 John's Kindergarten Sings Goodbye
 Spoonful of Sugar (John Cleans Up the Playroom)
 "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" - Rebecca & John, 2012 HRES Talent Show


 Rebecca's Preschool Nativity Play
 John (2 years old) Counting Fingers
 John singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
 Rebecca (4) and John (2) playing The Fish Game


 Fountains at Norfolk Botanical Garden
 Jumping Johnny
 Rebecca (3) playing in the playhouse
 Mom pushing Rebecca and John on the swings
 Rebecca and John in the Sandbox (watch Rebecca near the end!)


 Swing, Swing! (Rebecca 2 years old)
 Backyard Fun - Rebecca 2, John 3 months
 Rebecca ringing wind chimes


 Baby Rebecca with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Ugenti
 Rebecca's First Year


 Christmas dinner at the Mayflower, 2004
 Baby Rebecca with Grandma Derenthal, 2004